Back to the roots

    Painting drawing

    April 7th to 18th, 2016
    Opening: April 7th, 2016, 3 PM
    Nouă Gallery, str. Nicolae Bălcescu 12, Bacău
    with the suport of U.A.P. Romania, Bacau subsidiary


Imago Mundi – L’Arte dell’Umanità


Imago Mundi - L'Arte dell'Umanità, which will premiere collection Snapshots Romania. Contemporary Artists from Romania, along with 10 other collections on four continents Imago Mundi.

2,000 works by contemporary artists in 11 collections in 10 countries! This is the invitation that Benetton Studi Ricerche Foundation is launching in July to Treviso - discover a true encyclopedia of contemporary art world in colors: in Romania in Afghanistan, from Azerbaijan to China, from Cuba to Japan, from India to Iceland, Mongolia (in a double collection) and South Africa.

Imago Mundi - L'Arte dell'Umanità is the first exhibition of the collection Snapshots Romania, the artistic and cultural mosaic of the 11 collections presented, which will remain open to the public at Casa dei Carraresi (Treviso) from July 9 to August 3 ac

At the press conference and the exhibition will participate Luciano Benetton, founder of the collection, Claudio Scorretti, curator for South Eastern Europe, Aman Mojadidi (curator of the collection Afghan) and Napoles Maricel Gonzales, who recently conducted Imago Mundi collection for Cuba.

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